Lost Pets

The most important step to take is to call a report in to the Humane Society immediately.  Cats and dogs arrive at the shelter daily and those that are deemed to be a stray (no owner known), are held in the City Pound according to the terms of the City by-laws.  This gives owners the opportunity to search for their missing pet.  We are only required to hold a stray for 5 days before placing them up for adoption or in some cases, euthanizing them.  During peak seasons when the shelter is at capacity, we are forced to adhere pretty closely to the 5 day holding period, so filing a report of your missing pet with us is imperative.  

Our first priority is to re-unite pets with their owner.  If this is not successful, we attempt to re-home as many pets as we can.  

What to do when Fluffy or Fido go missing:

Your participation in finding your pet is vital to your success.  Your responsibility does not end with filing a lost report – we can have more than 250 lost reports from with the City limits and outlying areas and cannot remember them all. 

Ensure that your pet-sitter is aware of the steps to take as well.  All too often we have seen people return from a 2 week vacation and they have to start looking for their pet that disappeared at the beginning of their holiday because the pet-sitter didn’t know what to do.  

Other steps to take in the search for your missing pet:

The best thing you can do to prevent your pet from going on the missing list is to not allow them to run free and ensure that they have proper identification should they accidentally get away from you.  A collar and dog license is the best means of being reunited with Fido.  You can provide your cat with a break-away collar and I.D. tag.  Veterinarians can provide microchip identification for both cats and dogs.