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If you are considering a four-legged addition to your family, the shelter is a great place to start your search. As the shelter takes in more than 3,000 animals in a year, there is sure to be a pet to please everyone's taste. 

The shelter strongly encourages all family members be a part of the decision making process, especially families with young children. You may choose a pet that responds well to Mom and/or Dad, but may not respond so favourably to children. Being that many or most of the pets we have available for adoption come to us with little or no background information, we may not know exactly how they will fit in before bringing them home.

All dog adoptions are done by an application process where we collect a few towards each dog to try to place them in the home that best suits their needs.




                                   Adoption Fees:




Cats aged under 8 years are $160 to adopt.

Cats aged 8 years and older are $80 to adopt.

To see what is included with adoption please click here

Click here for the Cat Adoption Questionnaire



Dogs aged under 8 years are $260 to adopt.

Dogs aged 8 years and older are $130 to adopt.

To see what is included with adoption please click here.

Click here for the Dog Adoption Questionnaire


Rabbits $30

Guinea Pigs $20

Hamsters/Mice/Rats $10

Click here for the small Critter Adoption Questionaire


*Cats & dogs spayed/neutered through SPCA - the surgeries for these pets are funded through donation and fundraising dollars at a minimum cost of $250 and can be as much as $600.00 in some cases. Therefore the $175 (dogs) or $90 (cats) portion of the fee is non-refundable to help offset the expenses we incur for spay and neuter. This is a huge savings for the adopter as you would otherwise be paying the full cost of spay/neuter post adoption!


Now that you armed with all the information you need, check out the pets that are waiting for a second chance!

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