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Providing a Foster Home

The Ultimate Volunteer Experience 
Every year more than 200 shelter animals are given a second 
chance, thanks to the caring hearts of our volunteer foster 
homes. If not for them, these pets would not have survived. The 
shelter is not the right environment for a mother to raise her 
litter or for an injured/ill animal to recover. The stress and 
potential for the spread of disease is too great a threat to them in their fragile 
state. Fostering is truly a hands-on, life saving volunteer experience. 
There is no financial commitment required, just your time and compassion. Any 
food, supplies or medical expenses required are covered by the Humane Society 
through donations and fundraising. The time commitment can range from a few 
weeks to a few months, depending on the individual situation. Typical foster care 
situations involve the care of a mother and her litter of pups or kittens. From time 
to time we need someone to take in orphaned puppies or kittens or injured/ill cats 
and dogs. 
We ask that our foster homes have a separate room in which to house the foster 
animals, and, if you have pets of your own, that they have their shots up to date 
and are kept separated from the new arrivals. This is protection for both your 
beloved pet and the fostered pets – generally speaking, these are stray animals 
which we do not have a history on. Typically they have not received any type of 
veterinary care, which means they could be carrying diseases that we are not 
aware of. 
Although we may call on our foster homes year round, spring is when we start to 
see the influx of litters and orphaned young. Having foster volunteer applications 
on file helps us to place these needy pets in homes as soon as possible. If you are 
interested in this very rewarding volunteer experience, please fill out our Foster 
. You can drop it off at the shelter, fax it to 949-0169 or email to
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