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Happy Tails

Every year the shelter adopts out more than one thousand cats, dogs and little critters.  We want to share your pet's good news by posting their adoption story on our new Happy Tails page.

You can send his/her story along with pictures to





Bella arrived at your shelter on February 27th, 2014 and we scooped her up on March 4, 2014.  Bella was very busy in her kennel, however we were very familiar with her breed and she was exactly what we wanted.

Bella is the most loveable, docile and friendly dog ever – she is extremely intelligent  and very inquisitive.  Bella immediately settled in and bonded to our family.  She is a perfect match for our active lifestyle.

Spring is upon us and Bella’s adventurous side is in full swing.  She loves exploring in our yard and playing in the water.

Bella and I walk every day with my neighbor who has rescued pugs.  As soon as we text each other, they know the beep of the text and their ears perk up – it is so funny to watch them together.  

Bella loves all different toys but her very favourite is still the tennis ball that my son brought with him when he went to meet her at the shelter.  She knows where that ball is at all times and often falls asleep with the ball in her mouth.

Since we have adopted Bella I have sent quick updates to you because we are just so happy that we found her.  We love her very much and she has settled in perfectly.  We hope that our story will inspire others to give a family friend the second chance that they deserve. 

-Trina, Michael and Mike C.




I just wanted to email you guys to let you know how well Felixx (smash) has been fitting into our family. We have 3 children and two dogs and now our wonderful addition of Felixx. He gets a lot of attention from the kids and dogs and is LOVING it! From the first day he has felt at home and has been kind to us all! Just a little update from our family with our wonderful new addition to your’s at the Humane Society!  






We adopted Elliot Moose from the Humane Society on Dec.31st 2013. He had been adopted out in November, but we saw his picture and thought he was the perfect dog for us. We looked at a lot of the dogs that were at the humane society but couldn't find one that would be perfect for our small family and our little apartment in our four-plex. But on Dec 30th, we saw that our Elliot boy had been brought back for adoption! We rushed to the humane society at 4:00 the next day after work since they were only open until 4:30 because of the holiday and there he was. This well mannered, beautiful foxhound that just didn't belong in there. Without a sound he raised his head, give his little tail a wag, and walked over to my boyfriend and I and we knew he was ours! What we did not expect is how much time and effort goes into training an extremely intelligent dog after being in the pound... let alone twice... He had a severe submissive peeing problem where he would "void his bowels" every time we came home from excitement, and every time he got into trouble.( Not to mention both destructive to the apartment and to himself).
 After a lot of time and thought...and of course reading online, we decided that the best way for him to gain his confidence was to bring in another dog to our little family.  So in May, 2014 after stumbling across an add on about a precious basset hound/ black lab mix named Chloe who needed a new home due to medical reasons, we just had to go and see her. Now, April 2015 I can proudly say I am a  the owner to two amazing rescues who have shown me how rewarding and meaningful adopting an animal can be.  Never give up on a shelter animal.
-Samantha Y., Cody K.



Hi, boomer was adopted back in Sept 2013.  He caught my eye from his picture on your site looking so sad!  He took a bit of training for some manners, but he is now a perfect, loving boy who loves to play, go for walks, play with his favorite ball and cuddle!  He loves everyone and has many doggie friends!  He's the best part of each and every day!!    





I love the idea of sharing shelter adoption stories! My name is Kylee, I adopted Addie from you in November of 2013. She was a bit underweight and in need of TLC. She's received plenty of that (she's actually almost too spoiled....don't tell her though!) and her personality has really come though. She's fun and spunky, but will happily settle with you on the couch for a good snuggle. She loves walks, chasing squirrels, and squeaky toys! This year Addie has become a therapy dog with Magical Paws Pet Therapy here in the Sault. She loves going to therapy visits and she's quickly become a group favourite! It just goes to show what love and good care can do. I love her more than anything and I'm thankful for her every day! Thank you SSM Humane Society for all of the hard work you put in to finding these pets their forever homes!

Kylee & Addie



We adopted Trigger (Will) and Luna (Raven) about a year apart from each other. We adopted Luna in 2010 and Trigger in 2011. They are both part of the family and we have no clue what we'd do without them. Both our fur-babies have had some medical trouble, Luna was diagnosed with a genetic urinary issue which caused her to develop bladder stones, she became very ill and we weren't sure if she would make it, luckily after 3 surgeries the team at Animal Hospital was able to get her all better! Trigger had kennel cough when we got him which turned into asthma. Even though our animals take a little extra care we love them all the same! Our lives wouldn't be as amazing without them.

-Nicki M.





I fostered Bella in September with the understanding that she needed a home to get up to health - I hadn't owned a dog in 15 years plus' mainly because I didnt want the responsibility - I lost my mother that November I was needing a break from caring duties - I decided to go meet bella why? something in me made me go. I walked in knelt down and this frail, greasy, under weight, ear infected, eye infected animal walked over and put her nose on my forehead and stayed there for 5 seconds  - I asked no more questions other than where do i sign -- I can foster .. I can get her back to health

Bella is now happily adopted She now goes with me everywhere I go - She is my best friend She is known by so many people in the community My family and friends are all aunts and uncles - I dont know how I was living without her - I feel blessed I know she is heaven sent - My mother sent her to me, As she knew I needed rescuing  It later dawned on  me the day Bella walked into  my life - Was September 16th   My mothers birthday  -  Thanks mom and thanks Humane society for showing me what unconditional love is all about  xo






In May of 2014 I walked into the Humane Society with doubt I would find a perfect fit for my 3 daughters,my husband,myself and most importantly our Shepard/Husky Hannah. I looked in the kennels and thankfully walked a bit further to see the dog named Russell,sitting there in all his beauty. He is a Malamute/Shepard so for his big size he was sadly underweight but still smiling.He was/is a very happy dog. As I looked at him I thought how in the world is he going to mesh,how is he once he's up to weight going to fit in our home and sadly the realization of it all made me slowly walk away. I would not knowing a bit about his story bring him home without fully intending on having him forever. However ,he did something I would have never expected he clearly made the choice. He reached his paw out and grabbed my hand,my heart melted and I knew that he was already in my heart!

I asked to bring him for a walk and I couldn't get over that for his size he was nice to walk and loved it. I nearly ran back inside shaking because he was coming home with me there was no doubt about it,he had his family and this time it's forever. He gets along great with our other dog and is great around our 3 daughters.He understands his size most times,talks to the neighbors,loves the outdoors so camping is even better and loves when the girl lay on him to read. We understand we got him at 4.5 so a little older then we had hoped but there is still many memories to make with him and are nearing our 1 year mark. Although it feels like he's been here forever!

I would like to thank the staff at the Sault Ste.Marie Humane Society for allowing us to take the big guy home. No words will ever be enough to express our gratitude for him.He is our big baby and has started slowly to put the weight back on,finally hitting the 90lb marker!!! He still has more pounds to go according to his vet but we wanted to show the staff there as we know many of you loved him that he is happy and finally part of a family forever.

thank you
The Cress family




Jesse was surrendered to you guys on May 22/2014, we adopted her on June 15/2014 not long after we found out we were pregnant! Jesse has became our daughters guardian and is very well loved! She is very energetic and loves being cuddled up! She has also became good friends with our two cats that we have in our home.

-Kendralyn & Spencer





Hello! I adopted Pichi around the fall of 2012. She has been the best friend I could ever have since! She is a runner, loves to play outdoors and her favourite things are squirrels and  agility lessons at the kennel club! Last weekend Pichi won a clasification for her first agility competition :)



Bean (Butterball)

April 2015 marked the one year anniversary of Beans arrival into our grumble, since we are unsure of her birth date we also celebrated that day as her 5th birthday.

The past year has also been a learning process as we didn’t have much information on her when we adopted. What we have discovered is that Bean loves to smile, and uses it to get her way. We also found out very early on that she has quite the obsession with plain potato chips, which surprisingly she isn’t allergic too, because she’s allergic to everything!!! Lol.  


Bean fits in nicely with the other pugs and cats, but is determined to catch the squirrel that taunts her outside. She loves her car rides, walks and boating. She has learned real quick what putting her life jacket on is all about. However what Bean does best…is love you unconditionally! She is most content snuggled up beside you, and she is in every sense of the word…a PUG! Bean has been a source of constant entertainment in our lives, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Bringing Bean home that day was one of the best decisions we have made!


- Higgins/Pace Family



May 10, 2015

Austin – with gratitude

Austin was born around September of 2001 – based on his adoption papers from the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society from October 16, 2004. He was a stray – also according to the papers – which I had not noticed until writing this today but his age as noted on those papers was quite exact – 3 years and 1 month.

He died on May 6, 2015 at an estimated age of 13 years and 8 months. So this is my first point of gratitude as Austin lived a relatively long life considering he was a large dog and weighed around 105 lbs or more most of his life.

I was not his original adopter but he came into my life in February 2005 which was over 10 years ago and ended up staying with me. This is my second point of gratitude that Austin happened to come into my life without me searching him out in any way.

I believe that I was able to provide Austin with a happy home where he was fed well (one of his favourite things), he was walked twice a day until he was too old to do so when it was reduced to once a day (another one of his favourite things), he was taken to the cottage (he enjoyed his home and his cottage), he was with his own other dogs (he really only liked his own family when it came to other dogs but he enjoyed his pack), and most importantly he was well loved (and I think he knew it). Austin would wander away from the home of his initial adopter (more than once), he must have wandered away from someone else before that as per the Humane Society papers where I read today that he came in as a stray. Austin never wandered away from either of his home or cottage once he was with me. So I interpret that as he did not want to leave these homes. This is another point of gratitude - that I truly believe that I did help give him a happy home and life.

Austin was very handsome – this big red boy who I always felt safe with. Not that he ever threatened a human but he still made me feel safe such as when we were out walking in the dark on those cold winter mornings and evenings. This feeling of security and protection with him is also with gratitude.

I did get his DNA tested and he had no Labrador retriever in him as guessed, he had many other breeds in him which meant he was a mix of mixes. This made him a very unique one of a kind which I am also grateful for.

On the occasions that I was crying for whatever reason, Austin was the only one of my dogs that seemed to pick up on that and he would come and put his large head in my lap. I felt that he was trying to make me feel better for which I will always be grateful.

Austin became very ill, very quickly in January 2013 – two years and few months ago. I rushed him to the veterinary animal hospital in Lansing Michigan having no idea that he was as sick as he was. He had a massive tumor on his adrenal gland that was bleeding and causing many other complications due to the very high uncontrolled levels of adrenaline excretion. He required a blood transfusion during the night and they reluctantly had to operate the next day due the bleeding of the tumor when they would have preferred to be able to stabilize him first. Needless to say, this very tough dog survived all of this. I was given this wonderful gift of getting him back from the brink and as a result, I appreciated him even more and often thought of how lucky I was to still have him. I will always be grateful for the additional time that I was given with him.

In December of 2013, he started breathing funny through one of his nostrils and I took him back to Lansing. They found tumors in his nasal cavity and sinus. Amazingly they felt that they could remove his tumors surgically as the tumors had not yet invaded any other key structures. So we went ahead with that as well as some limited radiation treatment. He had a 7 inch scar from his forehead to just above his nose and when I saw him the day following surgery, he walked down the hall to greet me. As you can see, I was able to enjoy him for another year and a few months following this. I was so blessed to have been given this additional time with him again.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Austin took a very weak spell when we went out for a short walk. Dr. Palmer examined him the following day and by late in the day Friday, April 17, 2015 after blood work and ultrasound, he was diagnosed with a massive tumor on his other adrenal gland and what appeared to be tumor activity on his liver. He was fairly stable for the next two weeks. Another point of gratitude as he was able to enjoy some of the things he liked to do during that time and I was able to prepare for the reality that his time may not be long.

He started to slide fairly steadily for a few days after that and I was having difficulty getting him to eat – one of his most favourite things in life. I reached the very difficult decision that all of us that love our pets hate which was that I had to let him go. So on May 6, 2015 we let his spirit go.

When we lose our pets or others that we have deeply loved and connected with we tend to focus on the extreme pain that we feel. I have been trying to focus on all the goodness and happiness that he brought me over all those years instead. And even though trying to do this is difficult, I actually woke up this morning with this deep feeling of gratitude about the very special sharing of spirit and soul that I had with Austin and all the blessings that I received along the way with him. I know that the tears will come and go but I truly feel that he is in a better place now that it was his time to move on to and that his spirit is still with me and always will be. I feel very good about all the love I gave to and received from Austin. We always get back so much more than we give.

-Maria K.




Cici, Moe, Boo and Popcorn

Our cat Cici aka "snail", a long haired Calico  was adopted to our home after our 14 year old nebelung ( long haired Russian blue) named moe who came from the shelter so many years ago, passed away in January due to liver disease. Her twin brother Boo who still lives with us was very lonely so I took a trip to the shelter to find him a friend. I found many cats to cuddle but none seem to fit until I took " Snail " in my arms. She had matted fur and was a bit messy looking. She had been found near the highway by St Joes island and I knew she needed us! She's still quite shy but loves being an indoor, very loved comfy kitty for many years to come. :) Boo is behind  Cici in the picture and even though he's 14, he acts as though he's still a kitten. The kitten behind Cici's tail is our newest addition. Her name is popcorn aka " sage" because she loves to eat popcorn! She is barely visible in the picture with Boo and Cici but she fits right in with the two other cats! Baby popcorn likes to sleep on her back most of the time. She is a tortoise shell. Popcorn loves to get into mischief and wear sunglasses!

- Amy C.



This October (2015) will be the one year anniversary of adopting "Bron" into our home. He didn't have a very nice background when we first adopted him, he has scars and still shows signs of fright- but has made a huge transition into a safe and loving new life with us. He loves to walk, run, jump, chew his bones, and he loves getting new toys!! He goes on many walks, and gets a lot of play time. He was such a great addition to our home, and look forward to the years ahead of learning more about his crazy personality. 

-Rebecca B.



I had no intention of adopting a dog, as I had one for 12 years that had recently passed... And ALWAYS having large dogs my whole life - definitely never planned on owning a little one!  BUT, after friends & family badgering me... I caved one day & popped by the humane society ---leaving with a little guy named "Angus" (jan 2014).  I was a little worried about how it would go, because I had the typical stereotype set in my head that a little dog would be "rappy",  or that it would have issues & that's why it had been given up.  But to my delight - neither were true!  It's now almost 2 years later & I cannot imagine my life without him.  He was a perfect fit for me & transitioned with no problems at all.  I run a daycare next door to my home & he attends work with me.  All of the children LOVE him!  He's great with kids & with all other dogs... Has made a best friend (my boyfriends dog) and they are inseparable.  He loves car rides & camping.  He has a full life & is very happy... And so am I!
I am SO glad I got him!!!
Thank you local humane society ~ for my "baby"


-Heather M.



Hello and Merry Christmas! I want to thank you all at the Sault Ste Marie Humane Society for introducing me to my best friend Shadow 10 years ago 2006. He was 7 years old at the time. It was love at first site. Shadow was my soul dog and we walked many trails, and swam through some gorgeous lakes together. Shadow brought joy to every person he met along the way with his gentle demeanor. I loved him with all my heart. Shadow just passed away peacefully in our home and he is sadly missed. Thank you again for all the wonderful things you do there.

-Martina P



Nicklaus and Snoopy

Nicklaus and Snoopy, proof that two are better than one!  Nicklaus was adopted as an adult in December 2013, and quickly became an integral part of his new family.  They enjoyed his company and feline antics so much, that two years later the family decided to bring home a second feline.  Snoopy became a part of the family in December 2015, nearly two years to the day that Nicklaus came home.  We are pleased to hear that it was as if Snoopy were there all along!  He is getting along perfectly with his new BFF Nicklaus and has quickly found a spot deep within the hearts of his new family.  




Hey, we just wanted to take the time out to tell you how happy we as a Family are with the pup you allowed us to adopt, she's a great new family member, she took to us all right away, loves playing outside with the kids, 2 and 4 years old, seems to be protective over them in a short time. She's great with other dogs and is awesome when we go for family walks in the bush, she's smart and obedient, comes back with ever call, she doesn't leave the yard, what great dog and we can't thank you enough for her, here are some pics of her with Zoey and Abby, Jackson, Zoey and Abby as well as me too, we would like to drop off some things to you to help, you girls are doing amazing things and we want to help you keep doing this plz just let us know what kind of things we can stop by and drop off.

R. Hill








Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde, 3 month old siblings arrived at the shelter in January 2014, frightened and completely unsocialized.  They wanted nothing to do with anyone!  It took quite some time for shelter staff to gain their trust, just to be able to feed them without incident.  After a great deal of patience, TLC and time, Bonnie and Clyde finally settled in and learned to trust people.  Almost 7 months to the day after their arrival, all the hard work and effort paid off - Bonnie and Clyde got adopted together!  We are very pleased to have received an update and some photos of Bonnie and Clyde living it up in their forever home.  

These two are a prime example of what can become of feral cats if they are rehabilitated early on.  Give a special needs or feral feline a chance and you will be rewarded ten fold with unconditional love!













"Zirabith"  aka  "Starlett"

We adopted a kitty on Oct. 2nd 2015. Her name was Starlett, we renamed her Zirabith. I just wanted to say thank-you. She is absolutely lovely, and has warmed up to us so much. She has been the perfect addition to our family. She was shy at first, but now she comes to sleep with us, is very playful. We have a bean bag chair for our son, and she loves it. She is healthy and doing well. If anyone remembers her, this is her happy, at home. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The LaBeouf Family









Feb 16th, 10:20am

Just sending a happy update!! I adopted Mars not long ago, and she has made our household SO happy. She loves to play, cuddle and protect. Thank you for bringing her into my life!

Megan Sylvia







Johnny Cash

Good morning everyone! I wanted to write you a quick email to let you know my new family is amazing!! I love to play fight and cuddle with my bigger sister nutmeg (she is a pug Boston mix) and my pug brothers are pretty fun too, they slept a lot so I jump on them all the time.

I have a big kitten tree that looks out a big window so I can watch over my people and my neighborhood.

My family loves me so much I get kisses and cuddles all the time. I have at least 20 toys, a cool bed (but sleep on my parents bed mostly), and a fun cat fort for hiding in when I'm being sleepy and silly.

I'm fed the best fancy food, Fromm tuna, no soft food though and get yummy treats every time the doggies get one.

I've gotten bigger! I can't believe how long my beautiful tail is and my fur is super soft, clean and shiny.

I was just at Great Lakes animal hospital and they took good care of me for my neuter surgery. One awesome thing is I still have my claws. My parents didn't want me to suffer that surgery so we just trimmed my nails instead. Phew!

I thought you'd all want to know how happy I am and how happy my family was to find me.

Johnny Cash



Jaxon (Tobi)

A happy ending for this handsome little pup. Jaxon, formally known as Tobi is thriving in his new forever home with his furry brothers and sister! 

Jaxon loves horsing around with dad and his big brother Owen, car rides and is so cuddly during downtime. He still has some training to do but it learning fast. A huge heartfelt thank you to the amazing staff at the SSM Humane Society for taking care of this guy before we could give him his former home. We could be happier โ™กโ™ก 

Megan C.










Hey there! Just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful dog Harley! It's been five years now and life wouldn't be the same without him! He's changed abit more with age as he has hip dysplasia. He still barks at everything dogs, squirrels, plastic bags, you name it! he still does not like any other animal of any variety.... Except for his new brother screech! (pure bred newfie) They are inseparable! He spends alot of time snuggling with us and makes it known if he or screech need anything. They are now partners in crime. Here is a few current photos of him now. -Jess & Ross










Salem - August 2014

I adopted "Salem" back on August 23, 2014. He was almost a year old. His new name is Ledger. He adds so much laughter & love to my life! He enjoys spending time outside in his protected enclosure watching the birds and chipmunks. I'm so thankful for all of your hard work and dedication at the shelter.

C. Simon





I'm not sure if this will get seen but I wanted to give the ssm humane society a update on a dog we rescued 3 years ago.

He had been to the shelter a couple of times before we adopted him. First under the name Dwight then Loki. After we adopted him we decided to rename him Molson.

When we first adopted Molson it was a little but of a rough start. Molson had some trust issues as he had been to a couple homes before ours. However we never gave up on him. After some hard work and a lot of patience Molson realized that this was now his home. He turned out to be a great dog and fit into our family perfectly. Molson loves going to the dog park and sleeping on the couch. However his absolute favorite thing is being in water. He could chase rocks and swim for days! 

-Alanah V.




We adopted Ranger May 2016.  He blended from the moment we walked in the house.  Cats love him and my Jack, Sam, loves him.  I did some research on Beagles and wasn't sure if I was up for the challenge.  He surprised us greatly when we discovered he won't leave the yard and follows commands very well.   He has discovered my Reiki bed and spends a lot of time sleeping on it.   Loves the good vibes !! He is a true blessing to us and I couldn't imagine my life without him now.

Kym I.




I wanted to share with you our story. We adopted "Megs" from you 14 years ago. I'm sure you won't remember her since you have so many dogs that pass through your care. We recently had to put her to sleep. It was so, so sad for all of us but we could not let her suffer. Megs was 15, she had an amazing life with us, went camp all the time, had 2 kids, a mom and dad who loved her unconditionally. She was the best dog ever, so sweet, obedient and protective when she felt she should be. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that she had the best life and was so loved. Thank-you for what you do!
Here's a pic of when we first adopted her til just recently <3

-Kerri M.



We adopted 'Rose', January 2016.  We changed her name to 'Josie'.  I first visited the shelter on my own, to see what dogs were available.  My son had been 'wearing me down' for years about getting a dog.  I had told him that he had to show that he could be responsible enough.  So, he borrowed his auntie's dogs numerous times to show me that he could walk them, feed them, love them, AND pick up their poop!  (wearing a scuba mask - but he did it!)  ... So, Josie's calm and sweet demeanor at the shelter caught my attention right away. She looked a bit sad, and malnourished, but I could see caring in her eyes.  I brought my kiddos the next day to visit the animals.  They both agreed that Josie would be the perfect fit for us.

Since January, she has become such an important member of our family.  She is so gentle and sweet with my children; she loves to snuggle, and she loves to play.  She is protective of us, so she will bark at strangers, and especially other dogs that come close... but she also loves to play with other dogs, and to meet new people.  She has never been aggressive towards anyone. 

Josie did not like to be left alone when we first brought her home... and she still doesn't.  It is the only time she 'misbehaves'.  Her item of choice to destroy is: curtains - we have gone through many, many sets of curtains.  She is happiest when she is with her family.  We believe she has this anxiety about being alone because of her history, so we take her as she is, and hope that one day she trusts us enough to know that we will ALWAYS come home. 

Our cat still isn't too sure about Josie, because Miss Jo always wants to chase him.  But, they are working it out, and have figured out a way to get attention from their people at different times.

She is like a 'therapy dog' to my son - he has anxiety and sensory disorders.  She will lay close to him, or on top of him, which calms him greatly.  She helps him focus on something else when he is having big worries and big feelings.  She sleeps with him every night, and helps him to feel safe.

To my daughter, Josie is a great friend.  She loves to 'train' Josie with treats, and likes to include her in imaginative play.  Josie is a big dog, so we are still working on 'no jumping', since she can easily knock over my daughter.  A big dog, with big love to share.

She is now much healthier than when we first brought her home, and she is so very loved.

I never thought I would be a 'dog person'... but Josie-Jo has stolen our hearts!  <3  I couldn't imagine our home without her.

- The Hayward Family




Hi there, We adopted our dog, Boots, from the Humane Society in July 2015. She hadn’t been there for a long time before we scooped her up. Boots has fit right into our little family. She has an awesome temperament and loves to play with our three boys. She loves van rides and going to camp and is getting much better going into the water. She runs to greet every one of us when we get home and loves us up the way only our Bootsie can. We feel super lucky to have found her. She was meant to be our girl.

- Anita B.



Hi there, I wanted to share with you an update about a cat we adopted three years ago. Feel free to share this on your page. In June 2012, we adopted Lateralus (who goes by the nickname Charlie). We wanted to give an older cat a home as we know it can sometimes be hard for them to find a place. You wouldn't know he is almost ten though - he is so active and always up to something mischievous. He makes us laugh every day with his antics. An example is when, if our bathroom door is left open during the night, he will sneak in and unroll the entire roll of toilet paper. Sometimes we will find the end of the roll in the toilet. We have only been able to catch him in the act once, since he is so sneaky about it. When we exercise in our basement, he is always joining in, in whatever way possible - whether it is rolling around on the mat next to us, or walking underneath us when we are in a plank.
I could spend so much time writing about all of his quirks. He also gets along great with our cat and our dog, and he makes our family complete! We love this little guy so so much!

Emily A. 




November 2016 - Thor

Just an update; I rescued Thor in 2013, from your shelter, when i lived in SSM. I got married in 2015 to a coast guardsman , me and Thor moved to Alaska, and now to Michigan. Thor is doing excellent! Hes climbed Alaskan mountains that other people wish they could. Hes doing excellent!  Forever truly means forever!

Talia M. 




We adopted ""bunny" October 30th 2016. she is a great addition to the family. I am happy we can give her a loving and forever home.

-The davieaux family 



Holly and Chloe



We adopted Holly (dog) from the Humane Society in December of 2012.  We wanted a friend for our 7 month old Golden Retriever.  I saw 'Dolly' on the website, and I thought to myself 'she looks like a black Golden' we went to visit.  Best idea we ever had.  I knew right away we were going to take her home.  We weren't fond of the name Dolly but wanted to call her something similar, and it was close to Christmas time, so, Holly it was.  She is the best dog.  Never a problem, always happy, obedient, and so loving.  She took some time to learn to walk on a leash, but we had lots of practice as she loves walkies.  Now she spends lots of time at the dog park running and playing happily with other dogs.  I could attach dozens of pictures of Hols (her nickname) and it was really hard to choose just a few.  She is always just so happy.


We also adopted our kitten (now 5) Chloe in September 2011.  Another excellent decision.  Such a good cat, also very loving.  Loves her daddy for sure.  Chloe is my 'bug girl'....always taking care of the pests if they get indoors.  She gets along well with our other 2 cats, Tyler and Simon.  Chloe's nickname is Mini because she is so small, but she makes up for it with her big personality!


We love all our animals...we currently have 2 dogs, 3 cats.  Sadly our 17 year old cat Baba passed away this past summer.  Life is messy, dirty and furry, but we wouldn't have it any other way.



Wayne and Debbie K.








Adoption Update: Max


We just wanted to say a big Thank-you to the Humane Society and Pet Valu. We were lucky to adopt Max in September and lucky again to win the door prize at the Raise the Woof fundraiser!! Max loves his new bed, the dog food and his new home! Thank-you

T. Mates





We adopted Beta many moons ago from the humane society and lost her suddenly yesturday! Beta was certainly one of a kind! Nothing could stop that dog she lived life to the fullest! If you want to live a life of pure happiness and joy then please use Beta as your role model. She laughed with her tail! We will miss her, there is an empty spot in our hearts! August 2005 - Nov 25 2016

Brandie S








Hey! We adopted George (Emmet) in August, he is an amazing boy! We love him so much, my daughter just adores him, they're best friends! It didn't take him long to get adjusted, his hot spots are gone and he's putting on weight, last vet visit he was 45 kg ๐Ÿ™‚
I don't know if people usually message you guys updates but I just wanted to say thank you from our family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Peggy L.


Chloe and Oliver


I just wanted to send your our happy tails story!

My husband and I adopted Midnight and Daisy who we renamed Chloe and Oliver.

We were adding them to our little family with our other cat Stella and 13 year old dog Angel. The first few days were about getting use to these two rambunctious kittens.

We have always rescued animals and we will continue to do so!

After a few weeks we started seeing their personalities come out and they have been the best addition to our crazy family.

We may not have children yet but this house is never quit and always hear four sets of Paw's running around playing.

Thank you to the humane society for all that you do. You made it so easy to find the perfect pet to adopt into the family. No pressure, take your time approach.





I adopted Miss Lexi back in 2009. She's 8 now. She was a runaway that the owner did not want back. I will never understand why and am forever grateful she didn't take her back! Her and her year older sister Nova (who i got from an abused home) are inseparable and bring so much joy to my life. I'd be lost without them. I'm so proud of my two girls as they even won the HS calendar contest 2017! 
Keep up the amazing work HS! 




Hi there

We adopted Obe about 2 weeks ago, his name is now Morris!

He is an amazing dog, he is affectionate and wonderful with our two young boys! Morris likes nothing more than to cozy up to you and play with his toys!

He has been an amazing addition to our family!

We are hoping you will share this on your webpage

Meaghan L.




Boscoe was adopted from the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society in 2005.He was 8 years old.Over that time he's enjoyed the beach every summer and a 2.5 mile walk in to camp.He's very loving and very social.Aside from that he loves raw beef leg bones & homemade cookies.He is now 19.5 years old and has slowed down a bit,but still runs around the yard & he loves to wrestle.When you adopt a pet they are forever faithful and you can see it in their eyes.Thank you once again,he truly is a gift.

The Pinder Family




Just wanted to send you an update on Jaxx that we adopted a while ago. He is adjusting great to our family. He is so happy to have an active lifestyle now. Two walks a day. Weekends at camp. Backyard to play in while home. He is great with our daughter and our two cats. He gets along with the other dogs around our camp. He thinks he is a lap dog despite his size. He didn't like being neutered but he is much better now...all healed up. I will attach some pictures. We love our Jaxx.

Sarina T.




I adopted Izzy nearly 5 years ago when she was 6 weeks old in August of 2013. She came in with her siblings and was the only blonde out of the pack full of solid black puppies. Izzy and I fit together like a puzzle. She was certainly an inquisitive, friendly, bold, and loving pup quick to make me laugh. She kept me on my toes and we went to the dog park every single day, sometimes twice a day, for the first two years of her life. I had to exhaust all that energy this girl had. Izzy has progressed into such a wonderful, quiet protector and loving companion. We walk every single day whether at Hiawatha or in the neighbourhood. Even with my busy schedule she ensures I get the fresh air and exercise I need. Days where I feel down, tired or sick: she seems to pick up on this and start acting silly waiting for a laugh. Otherwise she simply rests at my feet as if to tell me she is here to keep me safe and warm. I am so grateful to the Humane Society for allowing me to find my fur baby that I would come to love so, so deeply. 





In 2006 We were blessed with a 6 month old girl named Harley.  She was a birthday gift for me as my boyfriend worked out of town. She was to be my protector and man was she ever! (and still is) Shortly after bringing her home, we noticed she was having a hard time with her back end so off to the vet she went and we found out she had hip displaysia.  For such a young dog to have it was not common and might have been why she was surrendered.  So long story short, after years of being told she won’t survive past 8 years old if she’s lucky, many many vet bills, chiropractor visits, and prescriptions here we are today still with a very happy, mobile (although slower) Harley! We can’t imagine our lives without her she’s a funny, smart, healthy happy dog who recently learned she loves to chase frogs at camp!




Jax was surrendered to the humane society the last weekend of 2017. One day early January we saw a Facebook post and there he was in this girl's arms. I had to decide if I was ready for a new dog because I've lost my other chihuahua back in August. But it was nearly 5 months after so I decided 15 mins after seeing that post I wanted to see him.  I saw him and omg I knew I wanted him!  I remember I couldn't take him home right away but when we did, I was just so happy. Jax came home on January 27, 2018.   He was very scared and reactive to most people and dogs. But slowly, with time and patience he became a lot friendlier and realize the world is not that scary. He's still a piece of work but we love him so much.  He loves to play, loves to squeak his toys, destroyed many toys in the 2.5 months we've had him,  loves his daily walks, he's just so happy. I never thought I would adopt a shelter dog but now I am glad I did. 



Angel, Chris  & Jax




This is Raider and we adopted him early  in 2017. We had seen him on the website and immediately wanted to meet him in person (he had just been posted). Well he has become the bestest friend to our 11 month old!! Very laid back, cuddly, and good natured. Everyone who meets Raider loves him!






Patrick (then named “Key”) was adopted from the shelter in the Spring of 2016. About 6 months prior, we had lost our 2-year-old cat Phil, who spent every day snuggling with our other cat Peyton. Losing Phil was devastating, and after much debate, we almost decided that maybe Peyton should be the only pet in the house for a while. We took months integrating her into our home after she was abandoned in a house by her previous owners. When Patrick popped up on the website, looking exactly like our Phil, we knew we had to meet him.

Meeting Patrick was love at first sight. He was a snuggly, floppy, purring ball of fur. With some hesitancy on how Peyton would react, we decided to take him home that day.

Peyton tolerated him, but he worked his way into our home and hearts immediately. Although much different in personality than Phil, he warmed up to us and developed a routine quickly. Bedtime snuggles, begging for morning cereal milk, and endless sun-spot relaxing. We thought “How could anyone have let this cat go?” – He was awesome!

And then – the escape artist in him came back out. After moving houses in the Spring of 2017, Patrick decided to bolt outside and go on an adventure. We were devastated. We spent months looking for him. Leaving his favorite toys out, the cat tree, and the litter box – with no luck. We decided in September to put one more advertisement on the Facebook “Lost and Found Pets” site. One last push before winter comes.

Patrick spent 6 months outside, wandering the West End of SSM, until we got a message on Thanksgiving weekend that he had been found. We, and the Facebook community, were baffled. Did he really survive this long on his own? We left our dinner immediately, in shock that Patrick turned up after so many months. Sure enough, it was him, and he was coming home.

Patrick has since integrated back home as though nothing happened. He is back to regular bedtimes, bowls of milk, and hanging out in his favorite sun spots. We have tried to outsmart him and put mechanisms in place to make sure he can’t escape again. Peyton is still tolerating him, and his newest friend Phoebe (or, “the kitten” as we like to call her) plays and snuggles with him daily.

He’s home, with us & his cat family, and that’s where he’ll stay.



Kenzie (brown) Diesel (black) & Duke (white) 


My family adopted Kenzie in June 2014 from the humane society when she was 10 weeks old. She has always been the queen of the castle. She has tons of energy and LOVES her ball. She loves car rides and going to camp to run & swim. 


In December 2015 I went to the humane society looking for one more dog to keep keep kenzie company.... I was 8 months pregnant and very emotional .... to keep the story short I left with duke & diesel 8 week old lab puppies. Yes I was crazy.. I heard it from everyone. But I have never regretted my decision. I had them house trained in 1 one week and by time the baby came they were ready!! The 3 dogs are inseparable!! They all play together and follow queen kenzie around. Of course the boys play fight outside but that's what brothers do! 


My dogs have acres to run and love when dad takes them for side by side rides and boat rides to Goulais Bay.


I could never imagine my life any differently. These dogs are my babies and I'm so grateful for the humane society for giving me this opportunity!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Nikki T. 




We adopted Lucy from the shelter when she was around 3 months old.

The girls that work there I'm sure remember her.. We were told she was dumped and left on a highway somewhere. 

She ended up getting puppy strangles which caused her to lose the fur on her body and her face. She needed to be on medication for a long time and have her face washed with special soap every day.

We fell in love with this puppy the moment we seen her.

She's almost 10 now and has not had any medication in years and is very healthy, she got most of her fur back except on her nose and she lost the glands that keep her nose wet.. so we still wash her face to make her feel better. We now live out at ranger lake.. She has quite the life of lounging and swimming and chasing squirrels with her brothers.

It's been such a joy watching her from a small scared puppy to know what it's like to play and be healthy. 

We love our big newfoundlander Lucy diamond . 

And she gets many pampered days at pet smart ๐Ÿ˜







I adopted Larry on October 3, 2016. Back in July of 2016 he was shaved and had a grumpy look to him which made me giggle when I saw him in the pet store. I thought this guy has a good personality even though it may not appear that way and I was intrigued by him. Well then came along October and I couldn’t believe he was still at the pet store. I went in to pet him and see how he was. A sweetheart of course, like I had thought. I brought him home. The staff at the pet store were in tears because they loved him. I told them he’d be treated like a king. So now I have two rescues who were not kittens, who I love!  I hope that more people realize that older rescue pets make the best pets. Here are a few pics of Larry and another with his brother Ledger. (adopted in 2014) You all have the hardest jobs out there! Thank you for all that you do for these animals.


C. Simon





We brought home our fur child december 11th 2017. He was brought to the humane society neglected, malnourished and underweight, with infected porcupine quills in his face and mouth. The day i met quill ( we named him after the reason he got brought to us) i instantly fell in love. Unfortunately our baby had to finish his medication before he came home. The day he was supposed to come home, I got a call from the humane society. "Quill develpped kennel cough, we have to keep him for one more week. We understand if you dont wqnt to adopt him anymore". Him not coming home forr another week went nothing, this is my child.

So fr that next week i came to the humane society everyday to walk and bond with my baby.

Its now been 1 full since we brought quill home. We had to teach him what a dog bed was, teach him that his toys were his and he wont get hit for touching them. We found out he loves boat rides, fishing and hunting.

Basically what im saying is if you adopt a shelter a pet you're saving a life and, if you have enough patience to show that dog what life is, i promise you will never find a more loving and loyal family member.





Miss Jessie


18 years and she's still as spry as a two year old. I'm so very blessed to have this beautiful creature in my life. 


Well, Miss Jessie hit her 18th birthday this year. I picked her up from the SSM Humane Society at six months old. She was depressed at the time. I walked by the cage and she grabbed me by one paw through the bars. She laid there listless but put out enough energy for that tiny interaction. It was love at first sight. I couldn't walk away from her. 


This beautiful little fluff ball has crossed the country multiple times with me as I moved to follow my career. Ever gentle and kind, she helps when we bring new palliative care dogs into our home. She enjoys sharing beds and body heat with the dogs. 


She drools excessively when she purrs, and has an uncanny ability to find and steal bread, her favourite treat. Despite being a mischievous cat, she has never touched my collection of rare orchids but is very happy to make herself a perch on top of the fish tank. 












My husband and I adopted beautiful Sophie early December of 2018 after looking for quite some time at the Humane Society. Our previous (three Persians) cats lived for amazing 19 and 21 years and we were confident our next companion would fill the void left by the last loss. Sophie's photo was posted online but she was not at the shelter so I visited the amazing staff to enquire about Sophie's condition, age, disposition and so on. Having been very familiar with the breed; Sophie is a Himalayan, I was confident we would suit her well and vice versa. 

The first day we brought Sophie home, she may have hid under our bed for perhaps 1 hour but she ventured out and began talking to us. That first night, we felt the spring of Sophie landing on our bed where she proceeded to park herself between my husband and myself, contently purring away. This has been Sophie's drill every night for the past eight months and we are thrilled beyond belief with such a lovely girl (she's 7 years old). She is such a joy with a distinct and strong personality, we can't imagine our household without Sophie!

Thank you to the Humane Society for such a wonderful gift! Jan and Ron





On October 29, 2018, I walked into the shelter with a few bundles of donations. I ended up chatting with the staff about losing one of my cats (Sirius) in August and the giant hole he’d left in my heart and my life. Sirius was the sweetest, most cuddly cat I’d ever known and wonderful company. I called him a Velcro cat because if I was sitting down he was curled up with me.

I still had two cats at home and had no intention of adopting another. Two dogs and two cats was enough is what my family was forever saying. Then the staff mentioned a 5mo kitten they had in the back. Apparently, he’d been dropped off for safe-keeping after being in a car accident along with his humans, but the 30 day holding period was almost up and they hadn’t returned. The staff said he was the friendliest, most affectionate cat they’d ever seen. Although I certainly had no intention of ever adopting a kitten, I decided to be polite and told them to call me when he was available.

The call came two days later, on Halloween. 

Not wanting to be rude, I decided to go meet him, and I brought a carrier just in case. Fogle, as he was called, looked like a million other brown tabbies, but when the staff member opened the cage and he leapt into her arms and proceeded to lick her, I began to see he was different... and not just because of the big cowlick on his back. And when she placed him in my arms and he looked up at me, patted my face then licked my chin exactly like Sirius used to, it was a done deal.

Now named Podrick (from Game of Thrones), he has proven to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He out-cuddles even Sirius. He’s fun and entertaining and plays with my dogs (Loki and Maisie) and with his two cat brothers. He snapped my Crookshanks out of mourning and Crook finally stopped losing clumps of hair. Castiel, subdued since losing Sirius, was vibrant and playful again. Podrick still has that unusual cowlick. He still gives those kisses. He takes friendly to the next level, including running to greet any company that comes over and showering them with affection. When I go outside with the dogs, he insists on joining us in his harness and leash. He even comes when called. Since his older brothers hate the harness, I’m looking into building all three of them a catio. 

Podrick is one of the brightest lights of my life. I was drowning since losing Sirius, and Podrick breathed life not just into me but my entire household. I cannot thank the Humane Society enough for granting me the privilege of being his guardian.

Amy Maltman 


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