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Online Christmas Auction!

Don't miss out on amazing gifts to give to your loved ones while supporting all the shelter animals at the same time! 

The auction link will go live on December 2nd at 8 PM until December 9th at 8 PM. 

Click here for our poster!


The Benjamin Project's mission is to help raise funds for animal shelters and for education on responsible pet ownership!

Adult and Children's books are available to purchase for $15 each with the proceeds going to our local Humane Society.

Stop by the shelter to get your copy while supplies last! 


The Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society has partnered with Bark Box and Bark Shop!  Now you can spoil your pooch and help shelter pets at the same time!  

Visit the links below and use our code SAULT at the checkout to start enriching the lives of your pet and ours!




DNA My Dog

Ever wondered what breed(s) your dog really is? Well DNA My Dog is providing you with a kit to do just that and they are also providing animal shelters with a fundraising opportunity.  DNA My Dog Kits are available for $10.00 at the shelter and 100% of the proceeds go towards the needs of the animals in our care.  For complete details go to

Please note:  additional lab fees apply when you send in your swab(s).  For complete details go to the DNAMyDog website.


Calling all milk drinkers!  Turn your used Lock City Dairies milk bags into $$$ for the animals!  All you have to do is keep count and drop them off at the shelter, we will take care of the rest.  Support local business, the environment and local shelter animals all at once!

Kuranda Beds have a unique program for shelters that allows our supporters to purchase beds for our cats and dogs at discounted prices.  You simply click on the link and you are directed to our Kuranda Bed page, make your selection from our wish list and the items are shipped directly to us!

I want to provide comfort to a shelter cat or dog.

Royal Canin Retail Program

As a member of the Royal Canin Elite Shelter Program the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society feeds and recommends Royal Canin.  Now the transition from shelter to home is easier than ever!  With our in shelter retail program, now you can purchase food that your newly adopted pet is already accustomed to at a competitive price without having to make a separate trip!  And all proceeds from food purchased stay right here to help the animals.  If you're looking for a special Royal Canin product be sure to ask us about special orders.  

Attention all magazine readers!

Renew your magazine subscription or start a new one & 37% of the cost will be donated to the shelter! More than 650 titles to choose from and all priced lower than the newsstand cost.

Click here to check out the magazine selection! 


Funds raised by our community, for our community

The Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society is a very rare charity in regards to where and how fundraising proceeds are used. 100% of all proceeds stay in our community and are immediately put to use - helping one of the more than one hundred animals in our daily care.

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