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How You Can Help


Volunteers are an important part of our organization! The animals in our care need socialization and enrichment, and volunteers step in to meet that need.

Committee and Board members are also volunteer positions that are selected from our membership.

If you are interested in sharing your time or skill, please email your completed volunteer application to

Volunteer Application


Ken Davis

Ken Davis-a long time 
shelter employee,
volunteer and friend to
both animals and staff.
Sadly missed, but never forgotten.


As a registered charity with Revenue Canada, all donations are tax deductible. ALL donations go directly to the animals in our care - whether it is for medical care due to injury or illness, spay/neuter surgery, or providing supplies. Our annual expenses for animal care exceed $100,000. Small or large, every donation makes a difference in an animal's life.


More Donation Options

Donate Now Through!

 Become a Member

Membership has many benefits. All membership fees are tax deductible and go towards the needs of the animals in our care. It also provides the shelter with a base of supporters that help us with our fundraising and awareness activities. While you cannot purchase a membership on-line due to signature requirements, you can print the application below and mail it or bring it to the shelter.


Membership Form


Fostering is THE most rewarding volunteer experience the shelter has to offer. We are always looking for people to foster - from kittens, puppies, animals needing socialization, or even just long-term shelter pets who need a break from the shelter environment. If you have room in your heart & home, please submit your foster application.

Providing A Foster Home

Foster Application

Hope's Story
(Warning -Graphic Images)


our inspiration to keep our Foster Program viable

 Host a Fundraiser Event

Are you interested in helping to raise money or collect donations for the shelter? Throughout the year, individuals or oranizations hold various fundraising events to help the shelter animals. From something simple like hosting a lemonade stand, to larger events like tournaments and contests. If you're interested in helping us in this way, please check out our Third Party Fundraising Handbook ! Then fill out and submit our Third Party Fundraising Agreement to .





                                                                                              Wish List Items

We're thankful for any items you'd like to donate to help enrich the lives of our shelter pets! Below is a link to our Amazon Wishlist - these items will ship to the shelter directly. If you prefer to shop locally or to drop off items you may already have at home, we appreciate that too! You can find a list of general items we can always use below as well.


Our Amazon Wishlist:


 Here are some things we can always use:

  • Most-Used Food Items:
    • Canned cat food 
    • Canned dog food
    • Treats for cats and dogs
  • Enrichment Items:
    • Dog toys (stuffies or squeaky toys, balls, rubber toys, etc.)
    • Cat toys 
    • Kuranda Beds for the dogs
    • Cat trees or houses
    • T-shirts and boxes to make cat hide-aways
  • Bedding Items:
    • Comforters, large blankets, and sheets for the dogs
    • Small blankets or towels for the cats
    • Pet beds
  • Miscellaneous Items:
    • Wood shavings for small critter cages
    • Treats & cage toys for gerbils, hamsters, rabbits
    • Leashes and Chain collars
    • Bird toys/bird food
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