Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society


Animal Shelter

We are a managed-intake shelter, meaning we help as many animals as we possibly can! Due to the current animal crisis, we have been operating above capacity for the last couple of years. Half of our facility functions as the City pound and the other half provides housing for approximately 50 to 60 companion animals for adoption. We are the largest animal shelter in Northern Ontario and have the largest service area. Our services and assistance are extended both North and East of our community making us one of the busiest animal shelters in Ontario based on population.


Animal Control

We provide animal control services and sell municipal cat and dog licenses under a fee for service contract with the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Humane treatment of animals begins with responsible owners. Responsible owners are aware of and abide by municipal by-laws, which serve to protect both pets and people. We also provide pound facilities to outlying townships that do not have the capability to house stray pets.



Emergency Services

We work in co-operation with the Ministry of Natural Resources, City Police, O.P.P, Children's Aid, Red Cross and Algoma Public Health.  Emergencies and crisis situations affect our pet and wildlife community and we assist other agencies in providing veterinary care and shelter to all animals that find themselves in need of immediate care.  In some instances emergency situations go beyond the scope of our sheltering capacity.  At these times we rely on qualified foster homes to provide us with a helping hand.