Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society


Did you know...

  • The Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society is a charitable organization registered with Revenue Canada that cares for animals in need, provides spay and neuter and medical assistance to animals, and finds furever homes for pets - these activities are fully funded by community donations. The Humane Society also provides specific contracted services to the City where the City pays for the Society to act and operate as the City Pound and enforce the City Animal Care & Control By-law and the Dog Owner's Liability Act. The revenue from all dog and cat licences also helps to fund what the City pays for service. We are not an agency of the City or the Ontario Government.
  • The Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society does NOT sell any animals for research.
  • The Humane Society would never unnecessarily euthanize an animal. Most euthanasias are a result of severe medical distress. We DO NOT put any time limits on an animals length of stay and we DO NOT get paid by the City for each euthanization. We use the donations we receive from our community members to provide care and assistance including medical care, vaccinations, spay and neuter for the animals until we can find them the purr-fect furever home. Buddha is just one example of this.
  • Our Board of Directors is comprised of 9 unpaid volunteers who have applied to the Board because of their interest in helping the community and of course their love of animals. They are not appointed by the City, they are elected by the general membership of the Humane Society.
  • The Humane Society does not seek out cats or dogs to "pick up" around the City. We respond to calls from citizens as part of our service through the City contract.
  • We have several very dedicated volunteers who come to walk the dogs, play with the cats, or help at one of our many fundraising events throughout the year. We always welcome new volunteers and believe we can do more for animals in need when we work together. Interested in being a volunteer and helping the animals in our community? Visit us on line or stop in at the shelter to find out more!