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Animal ID:
5 years
House Trained:
Intake Date:
July 9, 2022
Shepherd, Mix


Charlotte is a special dog who has been patiently waiting for the right person to come along for her! She is actually our longest-term dog resident at the shelter, and we'd sure love to help her find her furever home soon. She does have certain requirements that will help her to live her best life, but we know that the home for her is out there!

Charlotte (affectionately called Charlie by the shelter staff) is a very smart girl who is eager to please her humans. She listens well when given direction and can pick up on tricks with some positive reinforcement. She is very fast at solving treat puzzles! She loves her playtime and definitely has energy to burn - you wouldn't think she's a five-year-old with the playful spirit she has! She enjoys running around in the yard, and she will happily fetch a ball as many times as you'll throw it. She has a tendency to shred any sort of stuffed toys, so we'd recommend giving her some tough/durable toys to play with instead. Because she's a smart and energetic lady, she can definitely find her way into mischief if she's not given even attention or enrichment to keep her busy.

Charlotte does need to be the only animal in the home. She is selective with other dogs, and she has a very high prey-drive - meaning that it would be unsafe for her to be in a situation with small animals. Because of these tendencies she would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard where she can get her energy out, spend time with her people, and not be put in a situation where she'll come across other animals. Although she's best as the only pet, she will give you all of the love you could ask for from a canine companion! She absolutely loves to be around people and does a little wiggle-dance when she's excited. She would love to be your couch-buddy and to keep you company during your day!

If you think you could be the one that Charlotte has been waiting for, please fill out our application! We are open to a foster placement for her, but ideally would love to see her be adopted. Please call the shelter if you'd like to ask any further questions about her!


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