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Animal Cruelty

Each of us has the power to make a meaningful difference in the lives of neglected and abused animals. By reporting cases of suspected or known animal cruelty you are offering defenseless animals protection and a second chance. You may also be helping other current and future victims.

Reporting Animal Cruelty 

Animal CrueltyYou can help animals by being aware of at-risk animals in your community and by reporting cases of suspected animal cruelty. Animal cruelty can take many forms and is not always easily recognizable. To get a better understanding of what animal cruelty encompasses and how to spot signs of cruelty, please click on the link

What is animal cruelty?

You can help the investigating officer by providing as many details as possible, including the type of cruelty witnessed, the date of the incident, where it took place, and who was involved. All information remains confidential. Due to the possibility that a cruelty complaint could involve an animal in immediate distress, we ask that complaints not be emailed.

Become part of positive change

If you are interested in keeping informed of what is happening with federal and provincial animal protection laws the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies is an excellent resource. Their website contains current information on any legislative changes coming up and tells you how to lend your voice - whether to support or not support proposed changes.

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