Hope's Story


Hope's response when approached. We are sure she would have
climbed behind the appliance if she could have.

Hope was abandoned in the night drop off cages without a note, not even her name. It was very apparent she had severe emotional issues, but one of the underlying causes was not readily seen because of her behaviour. She would cower and hide her head whenever approached – never mean, just terrified. 


Collar removed from Hope's neck.
It measured less than 4" in

We knew that housing her in the dog kennels with the other dogs would only make her fragile state worse. 

We set her up in a storage area, far from the noise of the barking dogs and while trying to comfort her, a staff member noticed a terrible smell emanating from her. With the help and gentle hands of another employee her wound was found. Her dog collar had grown into her neck under her chin.

We immediately sought veterinary care for her. She endured having the collar removed and the weeks of wound care without ever curling a lip or uttering a yelp or a growl. How could such a sweet dog be the subject of such horrible neglect? Needless to say, she quickly stole everyone’s heart at the shelter. We have seen many emotionally damaged dogs, but never one who still had such faith and trust in humans after all she had suffered.











Her wound prior to the collar being removed. (above)

Her wound after the collar was removed. (right)




We knew her surface wound would heal, but would her emotional wounds? We spent hours quietly sitting with her and offering delights all dogs should know – treats and toys. Over time she would she began shyly slinking over for a dog cookie and the day she actually chased after a toy we saw a glimmer of hope. Although everyone who worked at the shelter wanted to take her in, we knew she needed a home without children, a very quiet lifestyle and one where she would be the only pet – something none of us could offer. The person who took her would have to patience and understanding to deal with “Hope’s” fears and insecurities. Almost impossible we thought. Putting her in the wrong environment would just set her up for failure and passing her around from home to home would only do more damage.

We turned to the media for help in finding her a foster home and the person that did this to her. We never found her aggressor, but we did find her guardian angel. She was everything and more that we could have asked for. We were all anxious when she left for her foster home and waited nervously for updates on her progress. It turned out we had nothing to worry about. She thrived with her new family. Once she gained her confidence, she was like a puppy discovering the world. Needless to say, her foster family became her adoptive parents. They say she has brought them as much joy as they have given her.

hope adopted

Hope enjoying a snowy walk with her new family. You can see the confidence in her posture and expression.