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Daisy May
Animal ID:
Adoption Date:
November 18, 2017
5 yrs
House Trained:
Intake Date:
November 11, 2017


My name is Daisy May and I was born on March 31, 2012. I am a Pointer on the top and a Bassett Hound bottom including the black and white freckles. You would think that my short legs would be a handicap, but it is not. I love to run around the yard and chase the ball. My favourite game is keep away, that is when I have a ball (sometimes I find apples in the yard and that works also) and you try to catch me and I run away. Sometimes I run so fast that my short legs cannot keep up and I end up rolling over, but I just get right back up and continue playing. The only time I have trouble with my legs, is when I get into the car. I can get the front legs in, but my foster mom has to lift my back half. She went out and got this little step stool for me and now I do not need her help. ? I live with two cats that I really do not pay any attention to and my big brother who is a Neo Mastiff. He is too slow to play keep away, but we play together all the time. My foster mom thinks that I should be the only dog, because I get jealous and I hover over my food bowl when another dog is around. I do not mind if people touch my bowl, just when another dog’s get close, I get touchy. My foster mom puts my bowl up during the day and I am fine. I like my snuggles, and cuddles, and sleeping on the sofa, and of course my tummy rubs. I am NEVER bad in the house. I only touch my toys, do not touch the garbage, chew shoes, chase the cats and I always go outside to the bathroom. I do not bay like a Basset, but bark. I did bark a lot when I 1st arrived, but my foster mom is teaching me that I do not need to. I also can sit, and shake a paw and when you give me a treat I am very gentle. I am learning not to pull when walking, but it is really hard because there are so many smells outside and I just want to smell everything. I go to the off leash park and play with all the other dogs and I love meeting all the owners too. I am waiting to have someone I can call my owner and hopefully they will take me to the park. Do you think that maybe you would like to be my owner?

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